Press release: Taxpayers’ alliance Ghana

Press release: Taxpayers’ alliance Ghana

The Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana, a non-profit making organization under the umbrella of many taxpayer organizations, groups and individuals in the country express with pain and anguish the bizarre state of our economy and the total collapse of businesses under this draconian tax regime.
The Ghanaian taxpayer since the inception of this country has been loyal in fulfilling its tax obligations. It is undeniably clear that the Ghanaian taxpayer is overburdened, businesses are collapsing, unemployment is sky-rocketing and to say the least, the tax regime is antibusiness.
Considering the aforementioned challenges that taxpayers confront on daily basis in this country, we therefore advise government to be innovative enough to restructure the tax regime and to broaden the tax net and subsequently reduce the various tax rates in order to uplift taxpayers from this quagmire.
We therefore ask government to stop the introduction of new taxes, levies and any form of money collection from the already burdened taxpayers.
In short, we will be grateful if the government led by John Dramani Mahama will implement the following to salvage the economy and taxpayers from the current economic doldrums;
1. Broaden the tax net to alleviate pressure from the current two million loyal taxpayers in the country
2. Balance the annual budget
3. Strengthen its accountability institutions and be transparent and accountable to taxpayers in order to minimize corruption if not eliminate it.
4. Give true meaning to procurement processes and not arbitrarily use sole sourcing as the only way to procure government contracts.
The government must be reminded that many countries grow without overburdening taxpayers and that all eligible taxpayers are made to pay taxes to lessen the burden on the few. Canada, Australia and Norway are no exceptions.
These, if implemented will not encourage taxpayer to adopt a policy of ‘’No lower taxes, accountability and transparency, No taxation’’.

Frank Asiedu Bekoe: 0275304480

Isaac Kwaku Sarpong
Director of Opertions Communications Operations

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