Our History

Taxpayers Alliance Ghana (TPA) WAS FORMED IN 2013 as a Think-Tank to champion the course of Ghanaian Taxpayers. Our philosophies and ideologies are anchored on free market system where the private sector is empowered to engineer economic growth and job creation. Founding members Charles Owiredu and Frank Asiedu Bekoe were therefore inspired to establish this organization fill the vacuum which allowed the state to arbitrary increase taxes and introduce new ones without taking into consideration the burden on businesses and individuals. They found the need to engage stakeholders on the tax administration in Ghana and how higher taxes aimed at correcting fiscal imbalances had become repressive, counterproductive and sustainable in growing the economy and creating wealth for the people


Beginning 2013, the then government introduced some austerity measures which came with increases in all sort of taxes and introduction of news one such condoms, agric inputs and on ambulances etc. For Country like Ghana where majority of the people live well below the poverty line, TPA sought to question these increases and new ones with the poor in mind and again ask for accountability in the use of public funds in Ghana. Particularly due poor accountable governance, the abuse public office has become a chronic menace, which has provided and unfettered avenue for corrupt officials to plunder taxpayers money and other resources which belong to corporate Ghana.

Also, weak state agencies charged to ensure public accountability have become toothless as a result of over politicization, weak laws and lack of commitment to duty.

To this end Charles and Frank founded TPA to mobilize collective action for lower taxes in Ghana, check waste, corruption and insist on value for money and empower our agencies with responsibilities to check the public purse to work effectively. These will secure the taxpayer halt arbitrary tax hikes and uphold the rights of taxpayers in Ghana. Founders drew inspiration from the World Taxpayers’ Association (WTA) who gave them the green light to establish the Ghana chapter.

Our Vision

Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana (TPA) is determined to secure Ghana with lower, fair and transparent tax administration where government is accountable to the people.

Our Mission

To campaign and lead action that upholds taxpayer rights , lower taxes, prudent tax expenditure, accountable governance and free market in Ghana through stakeholder collaboration and policy proposals that will secure taxpayer interest and deepen good governance in Ghana.
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