TPA undertakes activities that promote our core vision and collaborate with other agencies on other activities that support individual and societal freedom and development as a whole. What we do include but not limited to the following;

Tax education

TPA holds workshops, seminars and public fora to educate taxpayers on their rights, responsibilities and the tax administration in Ghana. We particularly target traders, Trade unions, student groups and the general public as well. We educate the tax payer on the following which they must take advantage of and as a means to promote free market in Ghana:

  • Taxpayer rights.
  • Income tax system in Ghana
  • Tax holidays for start ups
  • The free zones regime in Ghana
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) etc.
  • Good governance

We partner local international organizations to promote good governance practices as a means to deepen democracy and public participation in decision making. We are interested in decentralized governance and collaborate with local authorities to make social accountability a feature in local government system.

Gender mainstreaming is of interest to us and we promote women participation in governance and decision making.

We work with parliament, the Auditor General’s Department to ensure public finance accountability and Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) on administrative abuses and to enlighten citizens on human rights as enshrined in our legal codes. We promote good government as a critical indicator for investments and thriving businesses in a free market system which will ultimately inure to the benefit of taxpayers in Ghana.

Capacity Building

For a strong free market to thrive there is the need for a vibrant, knowledgeable and enterprising youth who form a larger portion of our population. We engage the youth in leadership development, entrepreneurship and personal development among others.

We seek to unearth the potentials of the youth to be useful citizens to Ghana. We are thoroughly determined to create a critical mass that will be the centre piece of our campaign for lower taxes, public accountability and good governance in Ghana.

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